Pre-Sales Spruceup

In a buyer's market, your home will be up against considerable competition.

A "Pre-Sales Spruce Up" could make a big difference in moving your property faster AND getting more from the sale!

If your house has visible problem areas, it is natural that a buyer would be likely to think there are other, maybe bigger, problems they can't see!

Can you really afford not to give your property every advantage to making a sale?

Let us handle these little jobs before they cost you big dollars in house sale profits!



Weekend Appointments Available


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 Examples of problem items,
buyers are likely to spot when
checking out your house:
  • leaky faucets
  • poor sink drainage
  • cracks in the wall and/or ceiling
  • areas in need of paint
  • crooked switches and/or receptacles
  • discolored or broken switches and outlets
  • lack of storage
  • holes in the wall
  • non-functioning light fixtures
  • inadequate room lighting
  • broken locks
  • busted doors
  • cracked/fogged windows
  • sticky sliding glass doors
  • poor fitting storm doors
  • missing/damaged automatic closers
  • damaged or leaky toilets
  • cracked concrete
  • damaged sump pumps
  • lack of sump pumps
  • damaged/rusted baseboard heaters
  • lack of baseboard heaters

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